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Water Tite Shower Systems

We have developed a mechanical shower system that can never leak! Here’s how it works…

First Step:

1.Remove all existing shower - down to the “bare bones.” This means EVERYTHING…including the existing drain.

Second Step:

1.True-up and add additional wall studs to repair any and all damaged areas.

2.Add supports where now proposed frameless glass door will hinge. This is critical for continuous operation of your very heavy glass door.

Third Step:

1.Remove existing shower valve. Check water supply lines and install new shower valve. The new valve can be installed at any location for convenience.

2.Next a pre-slope is generated and a new FHA drain is installed to accommodate new shower pan liner. Your liner will be installed up to 12” above new curb.

Fourth Step:

1.Insulation is checked / replaced at all outside walls.

2.Install 4 x 5 sheets of dense shield to all wet areas where tile will be installed – excluding the shower floor.

3.A “mud base” floor develops a slope to control proper drainage. This will encourage water to drain at the same rate as all walls.

4.A mesh tape is installed at all seams. Next, a full spread of anti-fracture membrane is applied to all wet areas. (the entire shower) This will cover all nail heads and otherwise possible breaches. Let it dry.
Note: At this point your shower is already water-tite. The rest is overkill but mandatory to complete the system.

Fifth Step:

1.A multi-purpose latex modified setting material is used to set the new porcelain / natural stone to the walls and floor. This is where decorative design is handy.

2.Once all the tile, shelves, niches, benches and / or soap dishes are installed, an epoxy grout is applied in all grout joints, corners and around all accessories. Epoxy grout cannot be penetrated by water or household cleaning chemicals therefore nothing ever gets passed it. No mold from behind your shower!

There is not way to build a better mechanical shower!! 10 Year No Leak Warranty


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